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To help suppliers and other organizations on their sustainability journey, Walmart is collaborating to provide training and webinars on topics that matter most to suppliers.

2021 Produce Sustainability Learning Series

Fresh produce and floral suppliers will be invited to the Produce Sustainability Learning Series; deep dive and Q&A sessions on sustainability priorities and reporting tools: People, Pollinators, Packaging, Project Gigaton, THESIS, etc. every last Thursday of the month from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. CT, starting in May. Please be sure to update your vendor contacts within Project Gigaton to receive the invitation.

2020 Walmart Virtual Sustainable Packaging Innovation Summit

Watch the playback from the Sustainable Packaging Innovation Summit.

Join us for deep dive and Q&A sessions with some of the presenteres from the 2020 Sustainable Packaging Summit:

  • February 18, 2021, 2 pm CST The Recycling Partnership: Unlocking the Pathway to Recyclability with Policy. Watch Playback
  • March 17, 2021, 10 am CST The Association of Plastic Recyclers: Post-Consumer Recycled Content: The Key to Sustainable Plastic Packaging. Watch Playback
  • April 22, 2021, 10 am CST Closed Loop Partners; Watch Playback
  • June 9, 2021, 9 am CST The Recycling Partnership and SYSTEMIQ: Plastic IQ Learning Session. Watch Playback

2019 Walmart Sustainable Packaging Innovation Summit

Watch the playback from the Sustainable Packaging Innovation Summit here.

Sustainability Portal and Reporting

Your Sustainability Portal Account
Tune in for step-by-step instructions on how to create and make the most of your Sustainability Portal account.
English | Español | 中文 | 日本語

Completing the Private Brands Packaging Survey
For step-by-step guidance on how to complete the Private Brands Packaging Survey, check out the Private Brands Packaging Survey Guidance Document and a video on how to complete the survey.

Completing the Textiles Survey
For instructions on how to complete the Textiles Survey, check the Walmart U.S. Textile Fiber Survey Guidance Document.

Office Hours
We’re here to answer your questions about the annual sustainability reporting process for the Project Gigaton, THESIS (The Sustainability Index), Packaging and Forests surveys. Not sure how to answer a question or need clarification? Having trouble navigating your Sustainability Portal account? Join us and we’ll answer your questions live (English language only)! If you can’t attend, you can always email your questions to

Project Gigaton

Project Gigaton aims to inspire suppliers to prevent upstream and downstream greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global value chain. Specifically, the goal of Project Gigaton is to prevent one billion metric tons, or one Gigaton, of CO2 emissions from global value chains by 2030.

Project Gigaton Reporting Guide
A brief video that walks you through the steps on how to report in Project Gigaton
Watch the Video

Project Gigaton 101
Strapped for time and need a quick 101 on Project Gigaton? Tune in and get ready for the best three minutes of your day.
Watch the Video

Setting a SMART Goal
SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time limited. It’s simple enough, but does your company have the knowledge it needs to set a SMART goal?
30-min Webinar: Replay Link

CDP and Project Gigaton
Join CDP and Walmart to learn how to report emissions reduction projects across the six pillars of Project Gigaton into CDP, and how to leverage your CDP disclosure to report to Project Gigaton. You’ll also learn key details about summitting your CDP response ahead of CDP's annual disclosure deadline.
Replay Link
2nd video Replay Link

Setting Energy Goals in Project Gigaton
Join Marty Spitzer from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Steven Nadel from the Amercian Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy to learn about different approaches to lower emissions through energy projects, including efficiency and renewables.
Replay Link

Setting Packaging Goals in Project Gigaton
Join Walmart and Adam Gendell from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) to learn about Walmart's approach to sustainable packaging, and different approaches to lower emissions through packaging changes and optimization.
Replay Link

Setting Waste Goals in Project Gigaton
Join BSR to learn about different approaches to lower emissions through waste reduction and diversion initiatives, including presentations from two Giga-Guru suppliers that are taking on Waste in their own operations.
Replay Link

Setting Forests or Agriculture Goals in Project Gigaton
Join experts from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to learn about how your company can take action on Forests and Agriculture as part of Project Gigaton.
Replay Link

The Power of Energy Efficiency Goals: A Discussion with Large U.S. Manufacturers
This webinar will feature panelists from three leading manufacturers—Arcelor Mittal US, Cargill, and Cummins Inc.—to discuss how they set and continuously work to achieve their energy efficiency and GHG targets. The panel will also include a representative from Boston Common Asset Management to explain why public goals and commitments are important to investors.
Presenter: Arcelor Mittal US, Cargill, Cummins Inc., Boston Common Asset Management
Replay Link

Get Ready for 50001 Ready
This webinar is a deep dive into how companies can achieve energy savings targets with panelists from the U.S. DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office, NY State Comptroller’s Office, and Arcelor Mittal.
Presenter: U.S. DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office, NY State Comptroller’s Office, and Arcelor Mittal.
Replay Link

*NEW* Project Gigaton Standardized Date Labeling Calculator
Join Walmart and experts from ReFED to learn about the new Project Gigaton calculator that allows suppliers to calculate the emissions savings associated with transitioning to standardized date labels (“Best if Used By” and “Use By”).
Watch Video

Design for Plastics Recyclability Webinar Series

Hosted by Walmart, Presented by APR. Please join us for this series of webinars hosted by Walmart, and presented by The Association of Plastic Recyclers, discussing design for plastics recyclability and communicating the common messages within the Walmart Recyclability Playbook and the APR Design Guide® for Plastics Recyclability.

Walmart’s Sustainable Packaging Playbook and Walmart’s Recycling Playbook provide an overview of sustainable packaging best practices, and a deep dive resource specifically for suppliers interested in improving and innovating packaging while supporting recycling. The APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability is published to help package design engineers at consumer brand companies and converters create packaging that is fully compatible with plastics recycling systems in North America.

Replay Link

The Sustainability Insight System (THESIS) Index (formerly the Sustainability Index)

We know that customers want to feel good about the products they buy and the companies they buy from. The THESIS Index gathers and analyzes information across a product’s life cycle and is a critical measurement and transparency tool that Walmart and suppliers can use to deliver on our customers’ expectations. THESIS is developed by The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), a global organization dedicated to helping companies make the everyday products we use better and more sustainable. The products and services of TSC reflect their academic and collaborative values: science-based, stakeholder-informed, and focused on impact. TSC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) not only help improve the sustainability of the products we use every day, but also drive efficiency by letting suppliers answer a unified set of measurement questions for different retail customers. TSC has many resources available for suppliers needing help and/or tools related to answering KPIs and is offering multiple levels of educational webinars.

THESIS Supplier Tutorials and Trainings

2020 Upcoming Webinars:

Have questions about THESIS or a THESIS assessment? Bring them to a live Overview and Q&A with The Sustainability Consortium. These sessions will be most useful if you have already and accessed and familiarized yourself with your 2020 THESIS assessment(s) and have questions in mind to ask. Register for all events here.

  • Sept 16 @ 10:30am CT, THESIS General Overview and Q&A
  • Sept 17 @ 8am CT, THESIS Overview and Q&A – Seafood
  • Sept 30 @ 10:30am CT, THESIS General Overview and Q&A
  • Oct 1 @ 1pm CT, THESIS Overview and Q&A – Animal Protein and Animal Welfare
  • Oct 8 @ 10:30am CT, THESIS General Overview and Q&A

Register here.

More live Q&As will be announced over the coming weeks. This year, most live webinar trainings will be replaced with short videos on the all-new THESIS Help Center, a library of self-guided support videos launched by The Sustainability Consortium to help you get the most from THESIS. Contact TSC at to obtain the password.

For more THESIS resources, visit the THESIS Index page.

Training and webinar offerings are updated frequently. To ask questions or request a training topic, email