Nature Commitments

Published on September 20, 2020 and last updated on October 22, 2020

Trees in a forest
Nature goal: 50M+ acres of land; 1M square miles of ocean

As our planet continues to increase production and consumption, our natural ecosystems are threatened. In response to the growing climate crisis and to help combat the cascading loss of nature threatening the planet, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committing to help protect, manage or restore at least 50 million acres of land and one million square miles of ocean by 2030.

We will build upon progress made by Project Gigaton and other Walmart initiatives to help promote sustainable production of important commodities. We plan to achieve our aspiration by working with suppliers to advance product sourcing and certifications that drive positive impacts on nature, as well as supporting development of new tools to measure progress, and investing in place-based partnerships that combine conservation, restoration, and sustainable management.

  • How we will get there
    Combining the efforts of Walmart and our suppliers, in addition to philanthropic investments from the Walmart Foundation, we will increase adoption of sustainable and regenerative practices in supply chains by:
    • Continuing to support efforts to preserve at least one acre of natural habitat for every acre of land developed by the company in the United States;
    • Driving the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices and sustainable fisheries management, building systems that support sustainable economies, biodiversity and livelihoods, and protecting and restoring forests – including an expansion of our deforestation commitments; and
    • Investing in and working with our suppliers to source from placed-based efforts that involve companies collaborating with governments, NGOs and communities to help preserve natural ecosystems and improve the lives of those who depend on them.
  • What do we mean by protect, manage, restore, and place-based initiatives?
    Protect: Landscape and seascape conservation initiatives aimed at preserving natural ecosystems.

    Manage: Support adoption of regenerative practices for productive landscapes and seascapes.

    Restore: Assist the recovery of damaged ecosystems back to their natural functions.

    Place-based partnerships: Projects that integrate social, economic, and environmental outcomes in partnerships between private companies, governments and local stakeholders. You can read more about our approach and ways to get involved here.
  • Increased transparency by measuring and reporting progress
    Text on circles graphic about increased transparency & reporting

    By using resources in the Sustainability Hub and joining Project Gigaton, our suppliers can report progress in many ways. You can learn more about our measurement process here. Watch this page as we continue to develop more opportunities to report nature goals.

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"The choices we make today will fundamentally determine our long-term resilience to the biodiversity and climate crises, which is why we must rapidly scale up the protection and restoration of nature in the next few years. Walmart’s investments in our lands and oceans are a significant milestone for these efforts – and a testament to the fact that investing in nature benefits both businesses and local communities. Conservation International is proud to have partnered with Walmart on the science behind this commitment, and we look forward to turning today’s announcement into real impacts for people and the planet.”Dr. M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International

WWF commends Walmart and the Walmart Foundation’s new nature commitment, which builds on their progress in reducing climate and commodity footprints. Nature’s contribution matters – from the air we breathe, to carbon sequestration, to flood protection, to disease prevention – and this commitment acknowledges that for businesses and people to thrive, nature must also thrive. To reverse the disturbing trends of nature loss, we need to see others join Walmart in elevating the urgency of investing in nature. WWF looks forward to continuing our partnership with Walmart and the Walmart Foundation to make this shift toward nature possible.” – Carter Roberts, President and CEO, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The world is experiencing an historic loss of biodiversity that undermines economic opportunity, food and water security, and community resilience,” stated Jennifer Morris, CEO, The Nature Conservancy. “We need to value nature appropriately and immediately, so we can stop degradation and restore biodiversity, upon which we all rely. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation’s new goals are a demonstration of leadership that can help galvanize important action in the private sector.”