Packaging and Plastics

For Walmart, sustainable packaging embraces the concept of a “circular economy,” which moves away from a “take-make-dispose” approach to one that values the reuse and regeneration of materials and energy. Which is why we have extended our zero waste aspiration beyond our own operations to include our whole supply chain and are setting a new aspiration of zero plastic waste.

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Walmart’s aspiration is Zero Plastic Waste. To work towards this aspiration, we will work with suppliers, customers and communities to accelerate the adoption of circular packaging and products. One way we are working on circularity is through packaging design.
Walmart aims to reduce environmental and social impacts of private brand and national brand packaging, while maintaining our ability to deliver quality products to customers. Below are supplemental resources to consider reviewing when designing new packaging, setting SMART goals, or measuring progress.
Walmart has committed to annually reporting progress on its plastic packaging goals through Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s (EMF) New Plastics Economy Global Declaration.