We’re excited you’ll be joining us for a (giga)ton of fun…

To participate in Project Gigaton, the first step is to create a Sustainability Portal account by clicking below. Once you've logged into your account, you can sign up for Project Gigaton by entering your goals (remember, SMART goals are best) and continue to manage your Project Gigaton participation through your Sustainability Portal account.

Your Walmart Sustainability Portal account isn't just for Project Gigaton, it's your one-stop-shop to manage participation and reporting for Walmart's major sustainability initiatives, including Project Gigaton, THESIS (formerly The Sustainability Index), Packaging, and Forests. Watch this video if you need help creating a Sustainability Portal account. To create a Sustainability Portal account, you’ll first need a Retail Link account which you can create or reset a password for here. If you're not sure what Retail Link is, or need to find out your vendor number, ask your company's sales team. If you previously had a Project Gigaton account, this has already been transitioned into a Sustainability Portal account for you – so go ahead and sign in!

Ensure you are using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox – Microsoft Edge and other browsers will not work.

Walmart associates may sign-in at wmlink/sustainability for more information.