Section III: Monitoring and Reporting

and last updated on April 19, 2017 05:05 PM

Walmart will monitor progress against this policy through the Sustainability Index and The Wercs, beginning January 2014, and publicly communicate progress beginning January 2016.


  • Walmart will monitor transparency and disclosure of full product formulation to The Wercs, all product ingredients online and priority chemicals (Walmart Priority Chemicals) on pack through The Sustainability Index and The Wercs.
  • Walmart will monitor the advancement of safer formulation of products through The Sustainability Index and The Wercs, using a baseline of 2012. Information from The Wercs will maintain the confidentiality of suppliers' proprietary product formulations by grouping products and chemicals into combinations of aggregate data.
  • Walmart will publicly communicate aggregate progress against the policy in Walmart's Global Responsibility Report beginning in 2016, including progress on transparency, advancing safer formulation of products and DfE certification of private label.