Zero Emissions

Walmart recently doubled down on addressing the growing climate crisis by targeting zero emissions across our global operations by 2040. Coupled with our work alongside our supply chain partners in reducing their own emissions, our aim to reach this milestone would be a decade in advance of the ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 articulated by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Walmart’s Progress on Operational Emissions (Scopes 1 & 2)*

Walmart zero emissions progress graphic. Annual GHG emissions are decreasing for scope 1 and scope 2. Carbon intensity is decreasing while total annual revenue is increasing.

To reach this goal, we’re focusing on the following four decarbonization pillars:

  • Scale renewable energy
  • Shift to low-impact refrigerants
  • Move away from combustible stationary fuels
  • Electrify our transportation fleet

To learn more, see Walmart’s Pathway to a Zero-Emissions Future whitepaper.

*View relevant ESG endnotes about Walmart’s climate change mitigation strategy.