Trainings and Webinars

To help suppliers and other organizations on their sustainability journey, Walmart provides training and webinars on topics that are essential to accelerating action on sustainability and regeneration.

Sustainability Survey Resources

Other Recorded Training Courses

  • Introduction to Program on People – Responsible Recruitment (August 2023) View Resources
  • How To Reduce Food Waste (September 2022) Replay Link
  • Introduction to Renewable Energy (September 2022) Replay Link
  • Walmart & CDP Support Webinar* (June 2023) Replay Link | Slides
    • *Project Gigaton integration is only available for Walmart-request CDP climate change responders.
  • Estimating Carbon Footprint and Accelerating Climate Action Series
    • Session 1: Getting started on estimating your carbon footprint (April 2023) Replay Link | Slides
    • Session 2: From estimating emissions to accelerating action (April 2023) Replay Link | Slides
    • Session 3: Climate action for companies with 500 employees or less – Introduction to the SME Climate Hub (May 2023) Replay Link | Slides