At Walmart, we are working to electrify our fleet and reach zero emissions from all our vehicles, including long-haul trucks in the U.S. and Canada, by 2040.

Building on our success of doubling our truck fleet’s efficiency between 2005 and 2015, we work with equipment manufacturers, policymakers, utilities, transportation working groups and other organizations to achieve our goals.

We believe we can act as an industry leader to articulate the necessary changes that will lead to a zero-emission business future.

Is your business ready to make more sustainable transportation choices?

Get Involved

We recommend all suppliers review the new transportation pillar. Then as part of your Project Gigaton™ efforts, help drive change by focusing on a goal. For example, you could commit to:

  • Drive 1,000,000 zero emission miles by 2025.
  • Reduce our transport emissions by 10% by 2025 vs. 2020.
  • Reduce 1,000,000 miles of Truck Transport by 2025.

The above goals are illustrative examples only. You’ll need to determine the scope, timeline and type of goal that makes sense for your company and products. After joining Project Gigaton™, you’ll be asked to report on your progress annually so the impact can be recognized and attributed toward the Project Gigaton™ target.

Are your goal(s) SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time limited? Watch this video to learn how to set formal, specific goals that lead to substantially better returns. In addition to being SMART, also consider whether your goals are ambitious enough to address the environmental challenges that we are facing globally.

Each year, you’ll be asked to submit data points to Walmart based on the Project Gigaton™ pillars you’ve joined (Energy, Waste, etc.). For every pillar you report to, you’ll be asked to submit the impact of improvements you’ve achieved in the reporting year. There are three options for submitting data to Project Gigaton™ reporting:

Option 1: For companies that need help calculating the greenhouse gas impact of their initiatives, let the Project Gigaton™ Calculators help! These calculators are available to help you report your progress during the annual Project Gigaton™ reporting period. They may also help you identify and estimate the emissions impact of future Project Gigaton™ goals.

Option 2: If your company already reports to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire each year, your disclosure can be leveraged to report emissions reductions to Project Gigaton™. To report to Project Gigaton™ using your CDP disclosure, you must grant permission through your company’s Project Gigaton™ account for Walmart to use your CDP data and all CC4.3b fields must be completed in your CDP disclosure. If you haven’t received a request to disclose to CDP but would like to volunteer to do so, or have questions about disclosure, please contact respond@cdp.net.

Option 3: For companies that do not use the Project Gigaton™ Calculators or report their emissions reductions to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire each year, you can still report your already calculated aggregate greenhouse gas emissions reductions to Project Gigaton™.

For additional questions about Project Gigaton™, refer to our FAQs.

Need a deep dive into calculating emissions? Check out our Project Gigaton™ Accounting Methodology.