Project Gigaton

In the retail sector, most emissions exist in product supply chains rather than stores and distribution centers. That’s why Walmart created Project Gigaton™ in 2017 to engage suppliers in climate action, along with NGOs and other stakeholders. Through Project Gigaton™, we aim to reduce or avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030.

Aligned with the Paris Agreement’s original 2-degree Celsius warming scenario and designed in consultation with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and CDP, Project Gigaton’s™ success would represent a substantial reduction of Scope 3 emissions within Walmart’s and our suppliers’ value chains. Join us by setting targets and taking science-based, measurable action to reduce emissions across six areas critical to reaching zero emissions: energy use, nature, waste, packaging, transportation, and product use and design.

Project Gigaton progress graphic showing 100% completion of 1 gigaton. 1 billion MT of emissions reduced, avoided or sequestered as reported by Walmart suppliers (2017 - 2023). Includes icons for key areas including Energy, Waste, Packaging, Transportation, Nature, Product Use & Design.

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How to Participate

For suppliers just getting started on their emissions reduction journey, setting an emissions reduction target in one or more of these six key areas might be the right place to start: Energy, Waste, Packaging, Nature, Transportation or Product Use.

For companies that have worked on sustainability for some time, or for those ready to progress toward a broad emissions reduction strategy, setting an emissions reduction target that captures your work across many areas might be the right next step.

Project Gigaton Steps: Sign Up to Project Gigaton, Set Goals (SMART), Report Progress Annually, Get Recognized

Making a Difference — Together

To date, more than 5,900 suppliers have formally signed on, making Project Gigaton™ one of the largest private sector consortiums for climate action. Check out our Supplier Recognition page to see how they're making a difference.

If you have a story about how Walmart and Project Gigaton™ has helped your company increase action and ambition on climate, we would love to hear about it. Please email GigatonStories@Walmart.com to share your story.

For more on Project Gigaton™, see our ESG Report or visit our FAQs.

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