Sustainable Chemistry

Walmart customers depend on us to sell products that are not only affordable but that are produced in a responsible and sustainable way. We pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations, and we are constantly evolving our business to better serve our customers today and for generations to come.

Continue to Save Money and Live Better

We appreciate the leadership that our suppliers, chemical manufacturers and the industry demonstrate in providing consumable products that meet our customers' expectations. Together, we continue to enable our customer to Save Money and Live Better.

Adoption of Sustainable Chemistry Practices

Looking forward, Walmart would like to work with suppliers and the industry to accelerate the adoption and use of sustainable chemistry practices to meet the needs of our customers and the environment. In September 2013, we launched a sustainable chemistry initiative based on a year of collaboration and input from a wide diversity of stakeholders. We thank them for their continued engagement through summits, surveys and meetings that have enabled an open dialogue through this process.