Walmart believes that business has a responsibility to respect human rights, and we aspire to use our capabilities and influence to bring about positive change at scale across our global supply chain. We’re equally committed to strive for product chemistry that is sustainable and safe for our customers.

Introducing Walmart’s Supplier Leadership Program on People - advancing responsible recruitment and implementation of the Employer Pays Principle.

Learn what we’re doing to ensure Worker Dignity & Safety by addressing the root causes of forced labor and human trafficking, and how we’re working with suppliers to accelerate the adoption and use of Sustainable Chemistry practice.

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Work Dignity & Safety

Walmart seeks to address potential risks to the dignity and safety of workers in our supply chain.

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Sustainable Chemistry

Walmart customers depend on us to sell products that are not only affordable but that are produced in a responsible and sustainable way. We pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations, and we are constantly evolving our business to better serve our customers today and for generations to come.