Sustainable Packaging Resources

Walmart aims to reduce environmental and social impacts of Private Brand and National Brand packaging, while maintaining our ability to deliver quality products to customers.

Below are supplemental resources to consider reviewing when designing new packaging, setting SMART goals, or measuring progress.

Walmart's Circular Connector

The Circular Connector is a new tool designed to bridge the gap between those who need sustainable packaging solutions and those who offer them. Sustainable packaging information can be submitted to Walmart for evaluation through this new tool and your packaging could be considered for use by our Walmart Private Brands. If you are an organization that designs more sustainable packaging solutions, or that supplies the ingredients or materials that are used in those solutions, please consider filling out the Project Intake Form through Walmart’s Circular Connector.

The Circular Connector also now offers a public download of packaging solutions that align with Walmart’s sustainable packaging goals Packaging solutions that do not align with Walmart goals will not be published on the Walmart Sustainability Hub or made available to Walmart associates or suppliers. Please refer to Walmart’s Recycling Playbook for examples of materials that are difficult to recycle and could disqualify your innovation from inclusion in the Circular Connector. Packaging assessments will be made by Walmart merchandising teams who will only contact you if they have further interest in your solution.

Measurement and Goal Setting

General Information

Walmart Private Brand Packaging Survey

Support Recycling

Association of Plastic Recyclers



Source Sustainably

Recycled Content


Optimizing Design

Plastic Reduction

  • Plastic IQ: A free open access tool to help US companies make more informed decisions about their plastic packaging strategy to increase circularity and address plastic waste.